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Just 1 Word - Bunny Mystic

In just one word...I love you

"Just 1 Word" album originally recorded 1998 and published by PMP in 2019 NOW Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and CD Baby

Bunny Mystic

The Roots of the Mystic

Leroy "Bunny Mystic" Saunders born and raised in Robins Bay, St. Mary's Parish Jamaica. He began his musical journey as a nineteen year old youth with the "In Crowd" as a percussionist. Throughout the 80's and the 90's he formed multiple bands such as The Mystic Few, Covenant, Atomic Force, and Rainbow. In the early 1990's Leroy moved abroad to England where he enhanced his musical skills and knowledge of music arrangement, lead vocals as well as the guitar and bass. By 1995, Leroy made his way to Southern California where he linked up with Ishmael and The Peace Makers.

Inspirational Mentor

Bunny Mystic promotes positive and spiritual reggae vibrations. His motto is strictly "ROOTS" Rely On Oneself To Survive. Over the last two decades Bunny has a been a musical mentor sharing his gifts, knowledge, and vibes to so many musicians throughout Southern California including Psydecar. Psydecar Music Productions is  blessed to have the opportunity to share the love and vibes of Bunny Mystic. Our highest accolades to the inspirational legend. 

New Music Coming Soon!

Leroy and PMP have been working nonstop producing Bunny Mystic newest EP to be released for Summer 2019. Check out his "Just 1 Word" album recently published by PMP.


Negus E Negast (feat. Jah Soldiers)