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Rely On Oneself To Survive (ROOTS)


Psydecar Music Productions is committed to producing, composing, arranging music. In addition to recording, mastering, mixing we also provide live sound reinforcement and top-notch original artists. 

Psydecar Music Productions


As experienced musicians our producers embrace their decades of knowledge to provide up and coming sounds. We know how to rearrange and mix sound to make great music. PMP collaborates with the artist to blend genres and cross lines having a "no rules" attitude which clears the vibrations for free flowing ideas.



Psydecar is a renowned professional San Diego Lovers Rock, Acid Jazz, Latin Funk, Soul band. Their upbeat solid rhythms, smooth melodies and harmonies will keep you dancing all night while melting your soul. Psydecar is an incredible multifaceted team of some of the most talented and seasoned musicians in So Cal. Psydecar is led by Timothy Pacheco, an accomplished Southern Californian music virtuoso who has been on the music scene for over 25 years. Pacheco is an exceptionally brilliant composer as well as a multitudinous musician. He is an articulate artist who does not necessarily conform to one genre of music.  During his career he has traveled around the world performing in acts such as P.O.D., Natural Vibrations, Big Mountain, Wise Monkey Orchestra, and his own bands Psydecar and Southtown Generals.


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